Viridian Energy, LLC

In the Matter of Viridian Energy, LLC
Assurance of Discontinuance


If you are a person, business, educational institution, governmental agency and any other entity that with a meter or meters located within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ("Customer") for which Viridian (a) initiated Electricity Supply services; and/or (b) issued bills or charges for Electricity Supply services and/or early termination fees, even if Electricity Supply services were never provided to you, you may be entitled to restitution in this matter.

The restitution does not include an nonresidential Customer whose usage, as of the Effective Date and as reviewed annually on the anniversary of the Effective Date, exceeds or is estimated to exceed 100,000 kilowatt hours for at least 12 consecutive billing months.

• An agreement has been reached between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Viridian Energy, LLC.

• The total amount of the Restitution Fund is $4,596.000.  Funds will be distributed to "Eligible Customers” on a pro rata basis based on the dollar amount you have paid to Viridian for electricity supply services and/or early termination fees.  The cost to administer the Agreement, attorneys’ fees and costs will be paid separate and apart from the Restitution Fund.

Your Legal Rights and Options:

Receive Agreement Benefits: If you have been identified as an Eligible Customer, you will be mailed a check without doing anything further.


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